This drawing was sent by Steve Bryant, the owner of Cascade 36 Puff. It seems to have a sailmaker’s notes on the dimensions of the sail added to it. Steve says “on my copy from previous owner it says to top of mast 46.5′ + 1.5′”. He says that he has about 30 old documents and will try to put them on the web. This one and a number of great photos are at the above address. This is similar to the  exact sail plan of Nolwandle. I suppose this sloop rig was first developed before the cutter rig with the bowsprit?

Plan of Cascade 36 (from Cascade website)

Plan of Cascade 36 (from Cascade website)

Not that Nolwandle and many other Cascade 36\'s are sloops and not cutters and thus do not have a bowsprit.

This is a cutter rigged version of the Cascade 36 – it has a bow sprit, jib and staysail. “Nolwandle”, like many Cascade 36’s is sloop rigged – that means she does not have a bowsprit and only has a genoa overlapping jib. This picture is from the Cascade website, but the shape of the stern is wrong – compare it to the plan below, which is what “Nolwandle” looks like. I wonder how they got their own boats so wrong?

Mariah III plan – again Nolwandle has a different layout. However the keel, especially the trailing edge looks wrong to me in this diagram. I think the diagram above from the Cascade site has the correct keel shape – see for instance the photos of Nolwandle’s keel in an earlier post.

Cascade 29 Plans

The full plans of the Cascade 29 are here.