I struggled for some time to load my approximately 2500 contacts onto the phone. These were on my X1, but I was lucky enough to have a backup.

I have made a .CSV file of the contacts, but when I uploaded the .CSV file to Google Contacts most of the data was not there. I struggled for sometime with this, until I found this web page which has a template of fields to use for Google Contacts. These are the correct fields as expected by Google Contacts.

These is also a good description of what Google Contacts expects and how the fields are named here. Google Contacts Help is of no use in explaining this.

Instructions for Use

Download the template. I opened my .CSV file in OpenOffice.org Calc, but you could Excel or some other spreadsheet. I then opened the template in another window. I then copied and pasted the phone records to the correct fields in the template. Note that next the phone and email fields there is a columns (field) which must state the phone type for each entry. This is easily filled using copy and paste. When you are happy that all your data is correct, save it and exit the spreadsheet.

Then delete the contacts you don’t want in Google Contacts. Synch your phone to Google Contacts. Now upload the template filled with your data to Google Contacts.. Hopefully all the fields will appear in the People App on your Desire (or other Android phone), populated with your data.