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Laser sailing

Thats me, many years ago, approaching the slipway of Stilbaai harbour, which is why the centreboard is up. The Goukou mouth is in the background with the concrete pillar very noticeable.

Thanks to Alison for this great picture and more memories. This Laser went up and down the Goukou, but mainly on its way to the mouth, or out to sea as in the picture. I later bent the top section of the mast when it got pushed into the sand by the waves, after a capsizing during a gybe to avoid a sandbank, whilst surfing in the mouth.

When I was young, thin as a rake and weighed 58kgs, I was a bit light to sail her. Yet Alison and myself enjoyed planing her two up in the sea and especially at Groenvlei (Lake Pleasant) where there are some nice long windy reaches!

What a simple and brilliant boat with few vices. Well done to the designer – a Canadian by the name of Bruce Kirby.

Postscript: One well known vice of the Laser is that the mainsheet, if you do not keep it away, gets caught on the transom corner as you gybe. I often forgot to do this, which may, or may not, have contributed to the above mentioned capsize and damage.



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