Nolwandle is a Cascade 36 sloop based in Hout Bay, South Africa. Nolwandle is registered as SA 2432 (call sign ZR6942). She is hull number 139 launched in 1983. Her owner is a keen sailer and has strong views on national liberation.

Nolwandle is a female name meaning “sea” in isiXhosa and refers to the size of my love for the sea. She is my “sea lady”.

Kwaito star Zola wrote about his son, Lwandle, on his album iButho:

Men may have been to the moon and orbited the earth, but they still can’t figure the mysteries of the ocean. A force unconquered and untamed that swallows all that shows it no respect. TITANIC? All cultures and religions relate to it somehow. Thats why I named you “Lwandle”. May your life be the same.”

Nolwandle is the female version of the male name Lwandle.

Nolwandle at anchor off the coaster berth, Lambert’s Bay harbour, with the Heerenlogementberg in the left background, January 2008.

The header photo for this blog shows the sun rising over Elandsbaai early on a January morning in 2008. It was taken from Nolwandle just after raising her anchor to continue a passage from Lambert’s Bay to Laaiplek.

More recently Nolwandle’s owner has become a radio amateur (ham) with the call-sign ZS1MO. He is in the process of making Nolwandle radio active!