On Friday we heard via a comment on this site that Dixi Rollar had arrived in St Helena after 30 days and today Renata sent an email summary of their voyage. Seems they had light winds most of the way and only averaged 45-50 miles a day! That is slow.

Dixi Rollar charging on a reach.

This photo was taken in August last year. She seemed to be capable of easily doing 4.5-5 knots downwind. But 50 miles a day is an average of 2 knots and that is very slow.

This photo, which I have been using as my desktop background, also gives an impression of speed. Lets hope they go a bit faster when they leave for Ascension Island on Wednesday.

The photo above also shows the blocks Steve made for the stays and the jib boom. He also made the boom out of pine and the stainless fitting on the end of the boom!

Dixi Rollar is not a fast boat, being very wide well forward. With due respect she is shaped slightly like a bath tub. As can be seen from the photos, she pushes a lot of water when she moves and this gives the impression of speed.

In the previous post I spoke about hoisting the mainsail. Here is a picture of the beginning of the process. Steve is loosening the reefing lines whilst Gary pulls the gaff up. Whilst taking this photo I decided they needed help as this is hard work without winches! Note the baggiewrinkles made of rope which protect the sail from chafing on the stays.