Yesterday I went to check that all was well with Nolwandle and came upon this scene at Number 4 Jetty, next to the entrance of the Hout Bay Yacht Club Marina. My friend Greg, a professional diver, has been replacing all the anchors and chains of the HBYC Marina. He asked the driver of a crane that was working on a nearby fishing boat, to lift two marina floats which have been filled with cement, into the water. This was the result…

“Sout Rivier”  stops the crane from falling in the water!

I am not sure how much they weigh filled with concrete but I guess more than 10 tons. Clearly too much for the crane to lift. Once they are in the water they are easy to move around with airbags.

Greg told me the owner of the crane, after assessing the damage, asked him, “Are you a loadmaster?”, to which he replied, “No, a diver!” Looks like that crane also wanted to take a dive.

The fishing boat is “FV Sout Rivier”, at least 50 years old, but with a new deckhouse, which has now cracked right through. “Sout Rivier” is used for pole fishing for tuna.