Amazing, but true, a Cascade 36 called “Rain Drop” has won the Pacific Cup yacht race from San Francisco to Hawaii. She was sailed two up and was first over the line and seems to be the winner on handicap as well! She was sailed in the two-handed division.

“Rain Drop” leaving San Franscisco for Hawaii – 14 July 2008

She is hull number 33 with a racing keel (I am not sure what that means) and an extra three feet on the mast. She was specially built in 1970 with a balsa cored deck and a bowsprit. She seems to have been set up specifically for racing as seen in the above picture. There are more pictures on this website.

She also has a scoop added to the stern, pic taken at start of Pacific Cup

“Rain Drop” after her arrival in Hawaii 26 July 2008

Clearly a well designed “old” boat, sailed well, can beat modern racers – see for instance this picture taken at the start in San Fransico where “Rain Drop” is pointing much higher and seems to be going faster than a more modern design!

Rain Drop out pointing and overtaking a modern design with a wide arse!

There is also a report on this stunning victory by a Cascade 36 in Lectronic Latitude with a beautiful picture of “Rain Drop” under spinnaker.