Members of the Bunting family, especially Stephen, Peter and Margie;
Leaders of our revolutionary alliance;
Comrades and Friends

I speak on behalf of the ANC Cissy Gool branch, which was honoured to have cde Brian as a member for the past 16 years. Although cde Brian stayed in the adjoining ward – that of Gaby Shapiro branch – he insisted on being a member of our branch, because he felt more at home with our more working class membership from Salt River and Woodstock, than that from the more leafy parts of Rondebosch and Claremont!

Comrade Brian was a stalwart of our branch. He attended virtually every branch meeting over those 16 years. He was usually the first to arrive for the meeting, waiting patiently for the less disciplined to shuffle into Community House in Salt River. He would wait for us, sitting in the third or fourth row of chairs, neatly dressed in a tie, jacket and cloth cap.

Arriving at the meeting I knew that it was not enough to just greet him. I would have to be prepared to answer an insightful question about a national or local issue. It could be question about a decision of the ANC NEC or PEC, a controversy caused by a leader, or more often, what we should do about an eviction or strike. The question would always be accompanied by more questioning from his piercing, lively eyes and a smile.

In our branch meetings comrade Brian did not speak much and usually spoke quietly. But when he spoke everyone listened carefully. Not because he was Brian Bunting, in fact I think that many of our members did not know about his illustrious contribution to our revolution, but because of what he was saying. He had a old school journalist’s attention to detail. He would always conclude by asking what our action would be, how we should respond, not by talking about it, but by doing something practical about it.

In our meetings, if you listened only to the words that he used, you would never guess that this was a comrade who grew up in a family of pioneering Communists and had spent his whole life in the Communist Party. Cde Brian did not speak in revolutionary phrases. It was the content of what he was saying which was revolutionary, not just the words.

He had a special affection for the students in our branch and was always inviting them to engage with him on revolutionary ideas.

On behalf of the ANC Cissy Gool branch, we honour the memory of this true son of Africa, this revolutionary giant who gave his whole life to the liberation of our people. To the Bunting family who gave him to our struggle, we thank you for all the sacrifices you have had to endure as a result. We shall never forget his contribution. Hamba kahle qabane Brian Bunting, Qhawe lamaqhawe! (Go well comrade Brian Bunting, Hero of Heroes!)