Boats and Boxes in the Elliot Basin

These are photos of the engine running after being reinstalled. Also note the better quality of these photos which were taken with my new Olympus FE-310 camera. The photos in the last post we taken on my HTC Tytan phone – 8mp vs 2mp. The engine is a Yanmar 2QM20H, 25 years old but running perfectly. The next step is to take Nolwandle home to Hout Bay.

The front of the engine whilst running. Note the new fuel pump – the shiny gold thing to the left – the pipe attachments on the last one started leaking. Clearly visable is the attachment point for the hand crank and the chain which drives the crankshaft.

The new heat exchanger from the side and the fuel pump and secondary filter. The finger lift pump is partially obscured by the pipe from the water pump to the heat exchanger. The finger lift pump is not working, so I fitted the electric fuel pump to assist with bleeding the engine – without it I cannot get the diesel to flow to the furthest away injector.

Top of the Engine

The engine from the top showing the bleed points on the secondary fuel filter, and just before the two injectors to the right of the oil caps.