On Saturday I had a bit of free time to service the last of my 4 winches – a Lewmar 8, used mainly for the main sheet. This one was very easy to take apart, but be careful as there are 4 pawls, two in the top of the drum and two at the bottom of the drum. One of the pawl springs seemed to have been improvised, as it did not have a full circle in it. Luckily I had bought some spare springs two weeks ago.

Lewmar 8 corrosion
Corrosion at the top of the drum

As can be seen from this photo, the winch drum is quite badly corroded on top. This is probably from salt water coming under the top cover and settling in drum. I used a screwdriver to take as much salt out of the top as possible.

Lewmar 8 bottom 2

The bottom of the winch is also corroded, as shown above. Luckily  the corrosion does not seem to effect the functioning of the winch and it should give a few more years of use. Now when turned it gives a good clicking sound. I took alot of old grease off, some of which also had dog hairs in it!