My main halyard winch is a Lewmar 44ST, which is about 23 years old. As I have been servicing and greasing the winches one by one, I took this one apart about 3 weeks ago. I could not find the exact diagram of this winch on the Lewmar website. The top cover of the winch is slightly damaged, so I went to Central Boating (also known as Central Banking in these parts) who are the Lewmar agents in Cape Town, to see if I could get a replacement. They did not have a replacement and Rodney suggested that I just put the old one back again. However he disapeared for a few minutes and returned with this diagram of the winch. Even though the model number is wrong in the diagram, it is the right picture for this winch, I decided to put a copy here.

Lewmar 44 winch
Double click on the image to see it full screen.

I have now put the winch back together again and it seems to work fine.