On Sunday 27th May Melly, Spencer and I sailed to Scarborough. We left Hout Bay harbour at 1000 with no wind in the harbour. Between Fish on the Rocks and Chapman’s Point the wind was over 20 knots (as usual). We motored till just past Chapman’s Point where in about 15 knots of wind from the South South East we put up a full main and genoa and began what was to be a great sail.

Creaming along

As we got to Slangkop on one tack the swell was increasing. We put a tack about 3 miles out to sea from Slangkop towards the Crayfish Factory and to avoid a tug steaming towards Cape Town.

Slangkop moon

Wake one
Our wake looking back to Crayfish Factory

At Crayfish Factory the swell was huge and booming. There we put another tack out to sea and ended up about 300 metres from the wave measuring buoy. Here we tacked towards the South and headed to the beach to the South West of Scarborough. We arrived in 18 meters of water about 500 meters from the beach at about 1450. This was a good time to turn around and go home, after beating here all the way from Hout Bay.


Then began a quick rush home. We started with a broad reach to a run with the swell from the port beam to Slangkop.

Slangkop in sun
Slangkop in the sun

The we gybed about a mile off Slangkop and laid a course towards Hout Bay. Now we were on a beam reach with the swell directly from behind. We were surfing and reached a top speed of 9 knots, with an average of 7,5 to 8 knots. Off Chapman’s Point the wind increased to about 25 knots and we were a bit over powered but Nolwandle dealt with it like the tough lady she is. We only rounded up into the wind once. Then just past Die Josie the wind suddenly dropped. After a few minutes of waddling around we wound up the genoa, dropped the main and started the Yanmar. Whilst it had taken 4 hours 50 minutes to get there, the whole trip back had taken just an hour and a half!

Spencer and Melly
Spencer watching Melly at the helm

Melly smiles
Melly’s face says it all!

All I can say is what a sail!

Moving fast 2
Nolwandle also enjoyed herself!

Total distance sailed 37 miles.