The following are some photos taken in December and January 2004 when I took Contradiction to Stilbaai:

Contra trailer Stilbaai

This is Contradiction on her trailer in Stilbaai harbour. Thats Enver on board closing up.
Goukou pants

Contradiction anchored off Pallinggat in the Goukou River, looking West towards Draaibaai. That’s my costume drying in the rigging!

Contradiction Mainsail

This is the mainsail, taken whilst sailing to Blombos on a beautiful day!

Stilbaai Harbour
This is Stilbaai harbour taken from the lookout point behind it. In the distance is Ystervarkpunt, where there is a lighthouse. Contradiction’s mast is visable in the parking lot of the harbour.

Contra trailer 2

Contradiction on her trailer again, also in Stilbaai harbour. The harbour dries at spring low tide, so no boats can be left in it. They all have to be pulled out, which can be fun when a heavy South Easter is blowing. However Contradiction is the ideal boat for this area, with her lifting centreboard.