I have been meaning to enter Nolwandle in a race at HBYC. I have not had the time so far. Last Wednesday I went down to sleep on Nolwandle and when I got there they were just finishing a race, so I took a few pictures. Hopefully you will forgive me for not entering as yet Chris, by offering these pics and putting your boat first?

Farraway at bouy

This is Farraway, a Farr 38 I think, at the Dunes bouy. She was leading the race.

Lufhanza heels
This is Bandito (Lufthansa) a L26. She was really giving Farraway a run for her money, and Farraway is much bigger, so should be much faster.


This is Shosholoza, a Royal Cape One Design. Note the beautiful sunset light in the last two photos.

Bandito in harbour

Bandito in the harbour!

A trawler

A trawler in the harbour that night.