We decided to have a party to celebrate the new braai, which is an essential piece of equipment, allowing you to defeat the South-Easter just when it is starting to defeat you. We invited some serious braai-fundis and the following is the result.Girls Start

Of course Nikki, Lindro and Tabs had to warm everything up for the guests who would arrive later. Brian is hard at work behind them.

Nikki and Lindiwe

And it is tough work warming it up as Nicole and Lindiwe are shown sweating away in this photo.

Brian, meanwhile was lazing around with a drink in his hand:

Brian braaing

Sufice to say that it was not all child’s play that evening and some of us had to work very hard!

Brian braaing too

Thats Brian showing off the new braai. It is important to note for all boat owners that braais for boats are not cheap. In fact they are rudiculously expensive. Why I don’t know – maybe it is just because they are meant for boats. But this one, which is one of the cheapest for boats, seems to work as well as those that are much more expensive. Lets hope it lasts as long!
Fish and drinks

And then we ate a lot of meat. Some drank a lot. In fact many drank alot. And then we also ate some bluenose fish that Brian was conned into buying – he went to buy some ice for his whiskey and came back with a fish and some ice which smelt like fish, having spent alot of money. Of course the fish tasted great after spending 30 minutes on the braai. I’m not sure that the whiskey flavoured with fish tasted as good?

Ronnie Dancing

Then the real party began. Ronnie led the way!

Party animals

And the party animals went to open a dance floor in Nolwandle’s cabin. Thats Tabs, Lindro and Jongi.

Thats Nombuso, Phumzile and Vanessa getting in (or is out?) of things?


Michael also got into the party mood!

Ronnie sleeps whilst phumzile parties

And that is what seperated the men from the women?? Anyway Ronnie got into the rocking motion on the boat and fell asleep. Phumzile continued to rock! Please note the new curtains which are much brighter than the old ones, and are more colour-coded, but still need a few modifications.